Buttons Beer

Beer From the North West Coast of Tasmania

Our Story

Buttons Brewing is a family owned Brewery producing small batch beers for the people of Tasmania’s North West coast. Established in 2017, it all began with a young man’s passion for agriculture and beer. Things kicked of with a bang when Josh Roberts crafted his first home brew of Hazard Pale Ale. Once sampled by family and friends, Josh knew he wanted to take on the challenge of providing Tasmanian’s with the best beer possible.

The Brewery

Our production brewery is located in Short Street, Ulverstone. This is where the magic happens, where we dedicate our time to developing recipes and designing prototypes.

The brewery cans a large portion of our beers and sell them to only the best bottle shops and cafes around Tasmania.

We have 6 beers in our core range Pale Ale, Draught, Session Ale, Brown Ale, IPA and Lager. We are always experimenting with new brews, all of which are available at the best bars and bottle shops around Tassie.

Any inquiries about wholesale stocking and pricing, please email; sales@buttonsbrewing.com

The Core Range.

Our Beers

Our Core Range consists of 6 premium beers;

Each beer has been carefully crafted with well-planned recipes and premium ingredients, to create the ultimate range of flavours. From light and refreshing to hoppy and malty. There’s a Buttons beer for anyone’s taste.

Hazard Pale Ale

Hazard Pale Ale 5% – Named after our Kingswood Ute, Hazard is an American style Pale Ale with a uteload of Australian Hops (no pun intended). We use Cascade and Vic Secret hops during the boil, as well as a dry addition post-ferment. A generous amount of crystal malt is used in the mash to provide a malt sweetness, as well as an attractive amber color.

North West Draught

North-West Draught 4.7% – A German style ale with an Australian twist. NW Draught is a refreshing beer, brewed with Vic Secret hops as a single whirlpool addition. We use a good amount of wheat malt in this recipe to add body to the final product.

Clocktown Brown

Clocktown Brown Ale 5.5% – Named after the clocktower shrine in Ulverstone, our Brown Ale is dark and malty, but still very sessionable. We use 6.3% chocolate malt to add a deep brown colour and that delicious chocolate malt flavor. This is balanced by a solid bitterness provided by Cascade and Columbus hops early in the boil.

Sea Spray Session Ale

Sea Spray Session Ale 3.5% – Sea Spray is a light and refreshing, mid-strength, Australian style pale ale. Brewed with Australian hops, Enigma and Galaxy, this session ale is a perfect thirst quencher after mowing the lawns, shooting some hoops, or catching some North-West coast waves. Sea Spray – Seize the Day”

Wilderness IPA

Wilderness IPA 6% – A big and bold West Coast style IPA (India Pale Ale). This beer is full of hop flavour, but balanced with a malt sweetness and bitterness, just the way a good west coast IPA should be. We use pale, wheat, crystal and munich malt to develop a strong malt base, then hop it generously with Cascade, Amarillo and Mosaic late in the boil, and as a dry addition post-ferment.

Short Street Lager

Short Street Lager 3.5% – Our lager is a refreshing, sessionable drop, light in flavour and alcohol content. We use 50:50 Pilsner and Vienna malt, and a single bittering addition of Hallertau hops. We don’t like to over complicate this beer, it is just a beery beer.

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