SEA SPRAY ALE *new release*


Welcome the brand new addition to the Buttons Brewing Core Range- Sea Spray Session Ale 3.5%. Sea Spray is a full flavoured, mid-strength, hoppy pale ale brewed for those who want to get more out of their day. Perfect after mowing the lawns, shooting some hoops, or catching a wave. Sea Spray is the ultimate thirst quencher.

Brewing info: Munich, Pilsner and wheat malts are mashed at 66.7 degrees Celsius. Enigma and Galaxy hops add 17 IBUs at 15m, the same hops add 8 IBUs during the whirlpool. It is fermented using US-05 yeast, and is dry hopped with the same hops at 2g/L

Where to Buy;

  • Dan Murphy’s Online – Australia Wide
  • Tasmania;
    • North-West;
      • Buttons Brew Pub
      • Big Bargain / Bottle’O bottle-shops
    • Launceston – Crown Cellars
    • Hobart – Hop Vine and Still